Friday, November 20, 2009

Books: Paris Immortal

Santa came early this year and gave me a pre-Christmas present. I’d been meaning to have S. Roit’s Paris Immortal trilogy shipped through Amazon since we don’t have the book available yet here in Pinas. But, it was very sweet of B to get it and surprised me just this afternoon (aww).

A friend from work introduced me to the novel and managed to send me a PDF file. I’ve initially read a few chapters, yet as a book lover nothing still compares to flipping pages and the scent of a newly opened book. Not to mention it’s quite cumbersome to bring my ‘laftaf’ or even a kindle inside the bathroom, where I usually do most of my reading. The rest of the things I do inside will be left to you imagination. *wink wink*

Well, the book can be categorized under the ‘Not Another Vampire Novel’ section of your favourite local bookstore. Yet what made it interesting enough for me is that, first, setting is in La Paris, one favourite city in the whole wide world. Yes, even after the displacement of 2012! Second, it’s venture out of the norms (vamp norms) and looks at the homoerotic coexistent of mortals and the un-dead. Ok, that really sounded very geeky. And third, the book has few conversations in French, which I’m trying to master at the moment. Oui!


S. Roit or Sherry Roit currently resides in Seattle, Washington with two cats and the twenty or so people in her head she insists are real enough, with stories to tell.

I’m still at the first few chapters of book 1- A Vampire Tale. So far so good, yet, I strongly suggest you read a few more reviews of the novel and check it out for yourself if it is something worth reading and buying. Costs of the actual trilogy plus shipping don’t come cheap.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Hermes + Leica = One Hot Camera!

My jaw dropped from the 27th floor of my building down to the basement when I saw this chic beauty. With an announcement looming and apparently set for today (Monday), here are some looks into the latest Leica special edition camera designed by luxury fashion house Hermes. Using the film-format M7 as its base, the camera features a bold orange with silver body as well as an orange strap.

It’s like having the best of both worlds. The two things close to my heart, fashion and photography materialized in a stunning tangible form. Not to be carried away much, we just have to stay tuned for more details including pricing hopefully within the week. And I’m pretty sure it won’t come cheap… the word does not even exist in the high fashion world.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Shoe Whore : Nike Terminator

The Nike Terminators return yet again. Swagger who continues to celebrate their 10th anniversary and the most prominent product in the anniversary line-up is probably the Nike Terminator Hi Quickstrike. Today I can give you a first detailed look at the sneaker, which comes in turquoise on one foot and brown on the other, with tonal uppers, longer tongue and matching tonal laces.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Status hearts Fashion: Status Magazine Issue 8

Status hearts Fashion -- Status Magazine Issue 8 coming this August 2009

Getting poker face with a Lady Ga Ga theme... don't you think?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A proposal, a cinnamon soy latte and some Louboutin action...

Got to see The Proposal movie yesterday with B and a few close friends. I really did not pay much attention to the film just right after a series of Louboutin action occurred. As a self confessed shoe whore, my voluminous affair with shoes transcends all known gender.

In the movie she is playing a high powered book editor and a dominating boss in New York, dressed in cinch-waisted suits and Louboutin shoes. You'll just know a Louboutin when you see one, with its unique U.S. patented red sole. She's successful and powerful and her wardrobe totally reflects the personality.

Christian Louboutin Mini Bout Pumps

Cat Thomas, her stylist in the movie, worked a look that spell of power but was feminine at the same time - structured silhouettes, classy bags, black high heels, plunging necklines.

Prada Bag

Sandra Bullock is wearing cinched-waist black suit that is paired with black Christian Louboutin peep-toed pumps and Prada bag. Here are some of the designer bags she used in the film.

Hermes Birkin 35

LV Trolly

LV Keepall/Carryall (not so sure which)

The Face to Face Sunglasses Sandra Bullock is wearing in the movie also looks very classy and sophisticated. Very Audrey Hepburn I must say . The model she is wearing is Face a Face Ylang 1 with a smoky gray frame and beveled tortoise front. Face a Face is an exclusive French eye wear brand.

An 'OK' movie with above average fashion sense. A proposal, a cinnamon soy latte and some Louboutin action summed it all up.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

All About shoes : Taka Hayashi X Vans

Vans and Taka Hayashi teamed up for the No Quarter LX collaboration, complete with the artistic flair that Taka Hayashi has brought to both the streetwear and sneaker realms. I'm loving the high cuts!

I'm addictively becoming a shoe whore. Not good. Especially when I'm trying to save for my upcoming birthday trip to BKK. It’s excruciatingly hard to resist when you finally meet your “sole mate”.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Which Philippine school are you from?

In a grand ballroom party, conducted by the Philippine Society of Collegesand Universities, the Chairman of the Board got curious to know whatparticular schools attended the big celebration.Therefore, he checked out the house where it was all happening. Guess whohe found and where he found them?
(Thanks to M!)
UP Diliman - everybody was lined up to the attic to have a fraternityritual
UP Los Banos - they were in the garden mowing the lawn
UP Manila - they were into "drugs"
Ateneo - they were inside the TV room with a microphone chanting the "BLUEEAGLE" spelling
La Salle - they were eavesdroppingSan Beda - some were beside the Ateneans while others were in the bedroomwith some Paulinians
St. Paul - they thought they were with the Ateneans
La Consolacion - they wanted to be the Paulinians
Holy Spirit - they want the Paulinians
Miriam - they were beside the room of the Ateneans . .. . like always
Assumption - they were inside the bathroom three hours already sincearriving
St. Scholastica - they were next in line for the bathroom
CEU - some were doing the dishes while others were busy with the laundry
St. Louis - they were in front of the air conditioner
UE - they don't know what an air conditioner is
UST - they were everywhere
FEU - they were nowhere
MLQU - Sob! They were not invited
San Sebastian - How the hell did they get past security?!
Letran - the Security
Mapua - they were fixing the leak in the roof
TIP - they were the ones who created the leak
NU - they were outside the house selling cigarettes
JRC - they were the ones buying the cigarettes
Adamson - they went to Luneta instead
Sta. Isabel - they were Adamson's dates
CRC - what the hell is this party for?
PSBA - what the hell is CRC?
NCBA - what the hell is PSBA?
AMA - they were parading with Jolina posters